Peterbilt Model 579, Bragg Crane Service

Working the Plan

October 26, 2017 Katie Koloske 0

Bigger is generally better at Heavy Transport, the division of the Bragg family of companies headquartered in Long Beach, Calif.
That goes for the size of the load — Heavy Transport delivers condensers up to 600,000 lbs. on trailers that themselves weigh up to 200,000 lbs. — and the scope of the project. With nine such trailers, dozens of smaller specialized trailers and a fleet of 67 power units, nearly all heavy-spec’ed Peterbilts, the company is uniquely qualified to tackle projects that require multiple specialized hauls.

Kyle Quinn, General Manager

Purpose Built

October 23, 2017 Katie Koloske 0

“What do you do?” That sounds like a simple enough question when posed to anyone whose business requires the use of a truck. But when that question is followed by “What equipment do you use?” prepare for a lengthy answer.

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