PACCAR Parts' 365 Center for Comprehensive Customer Support

Rely on PACCAR Parts’ 365 Center for Comprehensive Customer Support

When your fleet needs reliable support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, PACCAR Parts’ 365 Center is the uptime solution you can trust. PACCAR Parts’ 365 Center is setting a new standard for customer service and driving uptime for Peterbilt fleets with comprehensive aftermarket support 365 days a year. The 365 Center is committed to proactively maximizing Peterbilt fleet performance through personalized service that is unmatched in the industry.

PACCAR Parts’ 365 Center is made up of four strategic service teams to better serve and support your fleet: Vehicle Support, Roadside Assistance, Technical Research and Customer Service.

The Vehicle Support Team is responsible for complete powertrain assistance. The Roadside Assistance Team is committed to providing support when an issue arises in order to maximize customer uptime. The Technical Research Team and the Roadside Assistance Team collaborate to procure the right parts for customers. The Customer Service Team is responsible for expediting the right parts to Peterbilt dealers to get fleets back on the road in the shortest span of time.

When uptime is of the utmost importance, depend on the 365 Center for all-around customer support that is proactive and solution driven.