Jason Skoog, General Manager
Jason Skoog, General Manager

Spec’d for Success

Before we begin with this issue of First Class, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as Peterbilt’s General Manager. It’s a tremendous privilege to assume this role at Peterbilt. With 20 years of experience at PACCAR, I have been in the truck business for a long time, and I am excited for this opportunity to work at Peterbilt. Since taking over April 1st I have been amazed by the resourcefulness and ingenuity of our employees, and truly appreciate the passion that our customers have for the Peterbilt brand.

The industry leader in resale value, weight savings, driver satisfaction — yes, there are many reasons to own Peterbilt trucks.

This issue of First Class brings attention to another of those reasons, one that is sometimes taken for granted but is every bit as engrained in Peterbilt’s rich heritage. Each of the more than 1 million trucks that have rolled off our lines have been built to exact customer specification. Over decades, Peterbilt has clearly earned its status as the industry leader in delivering purpose-built trucks to our customers.

The Class 8 market has continued to evolve over the years, and our customers still need trucks that are built to specifically and efficiently handle the demands of their daily business operations.
Peterbilt continues to deliver. For example, I invite you to read about G&D Hauling, a 12-truck dump fleet that challenged our engineers and dealership personnel to help spec new Model 348s that achieve compliance and deliver up to 25 tons of payload, maximizing profitability to such a degree that the company is considering growing the fleet. Additionally, read about Hurricane Express, where a fleet of aerodynamic Model 579s is spec’d to appeal to the old-school, veteran drivers that the company desires to fill its driver seats.

Trucks built to spec have never gone out of style at Peterbilt. Thank you for your partnership in buying or driving Peterbilts!
Jason Skoog signature, General Manager, Peterbilt Motors Company