Jason Skoog, General Manager

Spec’d for Success

November 12, 2018 firstclass 0

Before we begin with this issue of First Class, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as Peterbilt’s General Manager. It’s a tremendous privilege to assume this role at Peterbilt.

Matt Cullum, Assistant Chief Engineer


November 12, 2018 firstclass 0

In each issue of First Class Magazine, we ask a Peterbilt subject-matter expert to address an issue that we hear frequently discussed in the field.

Kyle Quinn, General Manager

Customer Immersion

April 18, 2018 firstclass 0

At Peterbilt, the concept of becoming immersed in our customer’s business is nothing new. In fact, it has long been a cornerstone for new product development.

PACCAR 12-speed Automated Transmission

Ask the Expert

April 18, 2018 firstclass 0

With new transmission options featuring advanced technologies now available, fleet managers are faced with an impactful decision to make when building a truck that will perform optimally in its designated application.

Kyle Quinn, General Manager

What Matters Most

November 8, 2017 firstclass 0

The PACCAR Powertrain, one of the most important and complex product launches in Peterbilt history, was guided from the start by a simple question: “How will this benefit our customers?”

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