Spring 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 2)

Peterbilt Model 579, Bragg Crane Service Working the Plan - Bigger is generally better at Heavy Transport, the division of the Bragg family of companies headquartered in Long Beach, Calif. That goes for the size of the load — Heavy Transport delivers condensers up to 600,000 lbs. on trailers that themselves weigh up to 200,000 lbs. — and the scope of the project. With nine such trailers, dozens of smaller specialized trailers and a fleet of 67 power units, nearly all heavy-spec’ed Peterbilts, the company is uniquely qualified to tackle projects that require multiple specialized hauls.
Kyle Quinn, General Manager Purpose Built - “What do you do?” That sounds like a simple enough question when posed to anyone whose business requires the use of a truck. But when that question is followed by “What equipment do you use?” prepare for a lengthy answer.
Peterbilt Denton Plant Expansion Peterbilt Completes Denton Plant Expansion - Peterbilt rang in the New Year with the opening of a new Test Building and Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for painted parts at the company’s manufacturing plant in Denton, Texas.
Peterbilt Model 579 truck for Sorenson Transport Optimism Abounds - Darrell Sorenson sketches a pyramid in the air to help describe the fortunes of Sorenson Transport, the Chehalis, Wash.-based refrigerated goods and LTL hauler over which he presides.
Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year The Peterbilt Store Named Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year - Recognized for outstanding fleet sales and support, The Peterbilt Store — now featuring 15 locations in seven states — has been named the 2016 Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year.
Enhancements to the Peterbilt Model 579 New Technologies, Innovations for Peterbilt Model 579 - Peterbilt continues to engineer new technologies and innovations into its popular Model 579, with recent updates to its EPIQ package, interior colors, and automatic interior temperature control.
Peterbilt Dealer Network Achieves Record Growth - Citing an ongoing commitment to customer support, Peterbilt has announced record dealer growth by adding a total of 93 new locations over the last four years. In addition, many locations have been expanded or upgraded, vastly enhancing the responsiveness and coverage of the network.
MX Engine Warranty Available for Red Oval Program - Setting even higher levels of assurance for customers in the previously owned commercial vehicle market, Peterbilt has introduced the PACCAR Engine Pre-Owned Warranty for Peterbilt Red Oval-certified truck customers.
Peterbilt Announces Expansion of Next Generation Chassis Routing - Peterbilt implemented its industry-leading Engineered Routings in all configurations of the Models 579 and 567 as well as in the iconic Model 389, further enhancing serviceability across its product lines, the company announced.
SuperTruck Advances Highlight Peterbilt Presentation at TMC - New fuel-economy technologies, including advances in the Department of Energy SuperTruck program, highlighted Peterbilt’s recent presentation during the Future Truck Task Force Leadership session at the 2017 Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting.
FlowBelow Fairing System Available for Model 579 - The FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit™ rear fairing system will be available for Model 579 tractors beginning in the second quarter of 2017, Peterbilt has announced. 
Model 220 Features Improved PTO Access - Peterbilt has improved Power Take-Off (PTO) access on the Model 220, resulting in both streamlined mounting and easier serviceability, the company has announced.
Peterbilt Model 220 Peterbilt Model 220 Updates Improve Weight Savings, Serviceability - New design features and updates have resulted in weight savings, increased function and improved serviceability for the Model 220, Peterbilt has announced.
MFS+ Axles Available on Select Peterbilts - Meritor MFS+ lightweight axles are now available on Peterbilt Class 7 and 8 vehicles in standard and wide-track configurations, Peterbilt has announced. The MFS+ front axle provides the durability and performance of the existing MFS axle but with significant weight savings.
OnGuard Collision Mitigation System Planned for Medium-Duty Peterbilt Availability - The Meritor OnGuardACTIVE™ Collision Mitigation System (CMS), providing collision mitigation technology with active braking and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), will soon be available as a factory-installed option on Peterbilt medium-duty products, Peterbilt has announced.
Peterbilt's flagship vocational truck Allison TC-10 Transmission Soon Available in Select Peterbilt - The Allison TC-10 transmission will be available in Peterbilt Models 567 and 579 later this year, Peterbilt has announced.