Perebilt General Manager Darrin Siver shown with the PACCAR engine

Adding It Up

The greatest benefits of Peterbilt ownership are realized by those customers who have a clear sense of their cost of ownership.

Cost of ownership analysis transcends simply considering the cost of acquisition. It’s starting at that point and then, for example, calculating the value of improved driver retention and recruitment efforts because drivers want to operate the finest trucks on the road. It’s putting a financial value on maximized uptime and improved shop efficiency offered by extended service intervals such as those for PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 Engines.

“Cost of ownership analysis transcends consideration of the cost of acquisition.” –Darrin Siver, General Manager

It’s also calculating improvements in fuel economy that can be realized by trucks with technologically advanced aerodynamics and performance-optimized drivetrains, such as the Model 579 EPIQ paired with a PACCAR MX Engine. It’s a matter of netting Peterbilt’s industry-leading resale value at the back end of the ownership cycle.

The formula varies, of course, depending on your application. For example, the trade cycle measures a mere 24 months at Tennessee Commercial Warehouse, a Nashville-based logistics provider and common carrier (read story >). CEO Scott George has calculated that the outstanding return for such like-new Model 579s in the secondary market and the ability to bring the latest in trucking technology, such as Peterbilt’s SmartLINQ remote diagnostics system, to his drivers and customers both justify his trade strategy and best minimize his total cost of ownership.

The Shelly Company takes a different approach (read story >). Its asphalt distributors only accumulate around 5,000 miles yearly, but it’s a rugged, high-hour application for the Model 337s and 348s assigned to the task. For Vice President of Equipment Jeff Freeman, cost of ownership is optimized by Peterbilt’s reliability and durability.

After all, he says they expect to run their Peterbilts “forever.”

However you may determine your overall cost of ownership, trust that Peterbilt will turn the math in your favor.