Heniff Transportation Model 579 and founder Bob Heniff

Risk and Reward

April 18, 2018 firstclass 0

Plenty of carriers claim a mission statement that defines their aspiration to be the best at what they do. Few, however, can back it up to the degree that Heniff Transportation can.

Kyle Quinn, General Manager

Customer Immersion

April 18, 2018 firstclass 0

At Peterbilt, the concept of becoming immersed in our customer’s business is nothing new. In fact, it has long been a cornerstone for new product development.

PACCAR 12-speed Automated Transmission

Ask the Expert

April 18, 2018 firstclass 0

With new transmission options featuring advanced technologies now available, fleet managers are faced with an impactful decision to make when building a truck that will perform optimally in its designated application.

Peterbilt Model 520 for Waste Connections

Growth Done Right

April 18, 2018 firstclass 0

Anyone looking for a template on growth management might want to do a deep dive into the success of Waste Connections. The publicly traded Houston-headquartered company expects to post $5 billion in 2018 revenue, roughly twice what it did just two years earlier. That’s about 10 times the revenue the company achieved some 15 years earlier.

Decker Truck Line Peterbilt Model 579 flatbed

Growing Better

January 31, 2017 firstclass 0

One of America’s oldest family-owned trucking companies didn’t get that way by being, well, old. In fact, the Decker Truck Line fleet is turning younger than ever, and it’s a nimble, proactive approach to growth strategy and market conditions that continues to guide the Fort Dodge, Iowa-based firm.

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