Kyle Quinn, General Manager
Kyle Quinn, General Manager

What Matters Most

The PACCAR Powertrain, one of the most important and complex product launches in Peterbilt history, was guided from the start by a simple question: “How will this benefit our customers?”

Throughout every phase of development — from initial concept, to product design to validation — the PACCAR Powertrain was singularly focused on the customer. Our mission was to deliver a fully integrated drivetrain that would exceed every customer performance expectation.

Starting with the PACCAR MX engine that produces the power, and the new PACCAR automated transmission conveying energy to the PACCAR 40K tandem axle, a seamless transformation of diesel fuel to pure propulsion is achieved, where rubber meets road, in the most efficient means possible for heavy-duty equipment.

Both the MX-13 and MX-11 have proven to be reliable performers. Similarly, the PACCAR 40K tandem axle has been quickly established as a day-in, day-out performer, complemented by the new PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission. Our customers expect reliability, and when they experience the durability and performance of the PACCAR Powertrain in combination with the pride and class of Peterbilt, they’ll clearly have a product that meets the needs of their business.

The PACCAR Powertrain will also maximize productivity since its components were engineered exclusively to complement each other’s performance. Customers can expect to improve fuel economy in applications such as line-haul, particularly with the innovative aerodynamic Model 579. Drivers will appreciate the PACCAR Powertrain’s responsiveness and low-speed maneuverability, as well as the reduction of fatigue. Lube change intervals for the PACCAR automated transmission are set at 750,000 miles.

Can a product launch as significant as this be a game-changer when considering that it had but a single guiding principle? Yes, it can, if that principle is completely customer-centric. After all, that’s what matters the most.

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