Kyle Quinn, General Manager
Kyle Quinn, General Manager

Purpose Built

“What do you do?”

That sounds like a simple enough question when posed to anyone whose business requires the use of a truck. But when that question is followed by “What equipment do you use?” prepare for a lengthy answer.

At Peterbilt, we currently produce 15 different truck models, Class 6 to Class 8, ranging from our flagship on-highway products, to hard-working vocational trucks, to medium-duty specialists for refuse or city delivery. That would cover our bases were all your applications able to be neatly and generally categorized.

But they’re not. For example, your regional LTL routes might run through the mountains. Others run exclusively through the city. Long and straight hauls might demand superior aerodynamic performance to maximize profitability. Other fleet hauls are all stop and go. Some cube out before weighing out. Others’ runs are only profitable if every possible pound of payload is on board. Drivers demand modern conveniences and comforts. Others insist on traditional styling.

I could go on. The point is, there’s good reason our customers spec Peterbilt’s product line into thousands of configurations. From fuel tanks to crossmembers, from powertrains to suspensions, from premium interiors to trim packages, Peterbilt has long understood that your key to success lies in a tool designed for exactly what you do, the way you want it.

For every challenge a customer has presented, Peterbilt is able to provide a custom solution that will maximize profitability, minimize cost of ownership and send the message that you demand the best.

You need a truck uniquely suited to your application. At Peterbilt, we’re experts on building it.

Kyle Quinn signature, General Manager, Peterbilt Motors Company