Model 520 Makes Gains in Refuse Market

The Peterbilt Model 520 has quickly grown its presence in the refuse industry, leading to expectations of a rapidly growing build rate of Peterbilt’s latest vocational vehicle.

“Since the implementation of the Model 520, Peterbilt is on track to increase production by about 25 percent year over year, gaining ground in the low-cab-forward market,” says Robert Woodall, Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing. “Clearly, the same standards and qualities that have made the Red Oval a symbol of on-highway excellence are resonating in this demanding vocational market as well.”

Peterbilt Model 520
The Peterbilt Model 520 is engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of the refuse industry.

Launched in 2016, the rugged refuse specialist is now available in four cab configurations, including left-hand drive, right-hand drive, right-hand stand-up and dual-seated drive, which provides drivers the ability to operate the vehicle from either side to optimize ergonomics, efficiency and safety.

The Model 520 is engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of the refuse industry and provide customers with cost-effective, efficient operation. Featuring a range of power choices including the durable PACCAR MX-11 Engine, the versatile low-cab-forward’s powertrain options help give customers the purpose-built tool they need to perform a wide array of services in the refuse industry, or to expertly perform a specialized task.

“Peterbilt has a track record of innovation and success in the refuse industry that measures nearly half a century,” says Kyle Quinn, PACCAR Senior Vice President and Peterbilt General Manager. “The Model 520 builds on this tradition and provides customers maximum uptime, productivity, driver satisfaction and minimized cost of operation.”

Each of the Model 520 cab configurations offers an enhanced HVAC system. The popular ProBilt interior is also standard in Peterbilt vocational vehicles, providing an operating environment that optimizes comfort, ergonomics and productivity. The truck’s distinctive grille styling accommodates pantograph wipers that maximize visibility from the cab during inclement weather. And two headlight technologies are available for the Model 520 — optional LED lamps or standard single halogen bulb lamps. Both provide long service and outstanding brightness and coverage.