Peterbilt Receives Three Manufacturing Leadership Awards

Peterbilt Motors Company has been recognized with three prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Awards from Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council, the company has announced.

The Denton company received honors for its Dynamic Truck Test (DTT) program, the Power Distribution Vision Inspection System, and the Self & Successive Inspection Project.

“We are proud to be recognized year-over-year for our ongoing initiatives to optimize our manufacturing processes for our own operational efficiency and the resulting customer benefits, all while continuing to build the industry’s premium trucks,” says Leon Handt, Peterbilt Assistant General Manager, Operations. “Peterbilt continues to set even higher standards through advanced technolo-gies and a collaborative manufacturing environment.”

The Peterbilt DTT program uses Six Sigma tools to verify the vehicle performs to customer expectations during a 100-mile test drive on randomly selected production units. The testing is done with a focus on build quality and vehicle performance as they relate to electronic systems.

The Power Distribution Vision Inspection System takes advantage of smart camera technology to ensure accurate and consistent installation of fuses during the dash assembly process. The camera system senses the hue, saturation and brightness of each fuse and alerts the operator if one of them is missing or has been installed incorrectly.

The Self & Successive Inspection Project leverages internal quality indexes to drive enhanced assembly and inspection processes, preventing defects during truck assembly.

The Manufacturing Leadership Awards honor a wide range of leading companies throughout many industries. Peterbilt has won 12 Frost & Sullivan awards over the past four years.