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The High Road

November 8, 2017 firstclass 0

David Freymiller remembers the highs and the lows. And to see today the familiar Oklahoma City-based Freymiller fleet of Peterbilt Model 579s, now up to more than 450, hauling refrigerated meat from coast to coast, it’s hard to believe there were ever any significant lows.

Kyle Quinn, General Manager

What Matters Most

November 8, 2017 firstclass 0

The PACCAR Powertrain, one of the most important and complex product launches in Peterbilt history, was guided from the start by a simple question: “How will this benefit our customers?”

PACCAR Heavy-Duty Automated Transmission

Maximum Performance

November 8, 2017 firstclass 0

Whether you own a fleet, manage one or operate one of its vehicles, these are the primary criteria by which you measure a truck’s powertrain.

PACCAR steel axel available on the Model 520

New Steer Axles for the Vocational Market

November 8, 2017 firstclass 0

Benefiting the customer with rugged yet weight-saving innovations for the vocational market, Peterbilt has launched production of its new PACCAR 20,000- and 22,000-lb. wide track steer axles. The new axles advance Peterbilt’s leadership position in providing durable, profit-driven solutions for the heavy truck industry.

In addition to the recent purchase of The Peterbilt Model 567, Beran operates 15 Peterbilt Model 365s

Adding to the Mix

November 8, 2017 firstclass 0

In the vast flatlands of Central and Western Kansas, earning the distinction of being the largest concrete flatwork contractor[link to: link to:] in the state is a significant achievement. It’s even more impressive when you consider that in the early 80’s when the company was founded by Ken Beran, it was primarily a residential contractor. 

The Peterbilt Model 389 Canadian 150th Anniversary Edition.

Special Edition Model 389 Celebrates Canadian History

November 8, 2017 firstclass 0

Giving customers a unique opportunity to honor Canada’s rich history, Peterbilt has announced the availability of the Model 389 Canadian 150th
Anniversary Edition, featuring distinctively Canadian features in combination with the standard-setting quality and performance features of Peterbilt’s legendary traditionally styled conventional.

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New Shifter for Peterbilts Equipped with PACCAR Automated Transmission

November 8, 2017 firstclass 0

Designed to minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity, a new column-mounted shifter is now available on the Peterbilt Models 579 and 567 equipped with the new automated PACCAR Transmission. The shifter will be standard on these trucks as well as those equipped with Eaton Advantage and Ultra Shift AMTs.  

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