PACCAR steel axel available on the Model 520
The PACCAR steel axle is ideal for the industry's most demanding vocational applications and is available on the Model 520 (shown here) as well as other models.

New Steer Axles for the Vocational Market

Benefiting the customer with rugged yet weight-saving innovations for the vocational market, Peterbilt has launched production of its new PACCAR 20,000- and 22,000-lb. wide track steer axles. The new axles advance Peterbilt’s leadership position in providing durable, profit-driven solutions for the heavy truck industry.

“Whether we’re reducing total cost of ownership or increasing payload, Peterbilt is continuously looking for solutions that maximize our customers’ uptime and profitability,” says Kyle Quinn, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Senior Vice President. “The PACCAR steer axle continues the Peterbilt tradition of innovative and rugged products for our vocational customers who demand maximum performance.”

Integrating weight-savings technology with design features that optimize durability, the PACCAR steer axle is ideal for the industry’s most demanding vocational applications such as refuse, construction and heavy-haul. It utilizes an innovative tapered kingpin and roller bearings for increased product longevity and steering efficiency. Most importantly, the proprietary steer axle surpassed PACCAR’s industry-leading durability and corrosion resistance testing requirements, earning a 5-year / 750,000-mile base warranty — coverage that exceeds competitors’ base warranties by more than double the mileage.

The PACCAR steer axle is available with standard front air disc brakes or optional drum brakes as well as suspensions and wheel end options to meet the most demanding applications. It is available on the Models 567, 389, 367, 365, 348 and the 389 glider kit, and is expected to be especially beneficial for Model 520 customers in the refuse market.

In addition to the launch of the PACCAR 20,000- and 22,000-lb. front axles, Peterbilt has introduced tandem steer provisions for these axles. The tandem steer axle helps improve mobility in a vocational setting when high gross vehicle weight ratings are required, resulting in increased productivity for customers. Tandem steer axles distribute weight more evenly throughout the truck and provide stable cornering for heavy loads and body configurations that carry more weight forward, such as tanker, crane, boom, oil field rig-up, dump or mixer trucks.