PACCAR Heavy-Duty Automated Transmission
The introduction of the new PACCAR Heavy-Duty Automated Transmission now completes a fully integrated PACCAR-designed, supported and branded powertrain.

Maximum Performance

PACCAR Powertrain complete with introduction of new transmission

Performance. Efficiency. Driveability. Return on investment.

Whether you own a fleet, manage one or operate one of its vehicles, these are the primary criteria by which you measure a truck’s powertrain.

And it’s the satisfaction of these criteria that PACCAR has engineered into the new PACCAR heavy-duty automated transmission, which now completes a fully PACCAR-designed, supported and branded powertrain.

PACCAR has an established, standard-setting presence at either end of the powertrain. The PACCAR MX-13 Engine and the recently introduced MX-11 Engine have earned reputations as reliable, fuel and weight-efficient performers for applications ranging from line haul to vocational. And design innovation such as a thru-shaft design and manufacturing processes that achieve up to 150 lbs. in weight savings have quickly established the PACCAR 40K tandem axle as a specification of choice.

It’s the new PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission that now offers customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of a complete PACCAR powertrain.

This latest innovation will reward Peterbilt line haul customers who operate the recently enhanced Model 579, and continues to recalculate the cost-of-ownership equation in favor of its customers.

“We don’t use the word ‘legend’ lightly at Peterbilt, but the Model 579 is gaining legendary status to rival some of its storied Peterbilt ancestry,” says Peterbilt Director of Marketing Jorge Medina. “That’s a remarkable achievement considering the product history at Peterbilt. And it’s certainly testament to the fact that virtually everything engineered into the Model 579, whether a driver satisfaction feature, a safety innovation or yet another improvement in aerodynamic technology, is done so to improve the cost of ownership and the overall ownership experience for the customer.

“The introduction of the PACCAR automated transmission and the fully integrated PACCAR Powertrain is a significant milestone in our never-ending mission to deliver a fully optimized ownership experience for our customers.”

“Blank slate”

The engineering team charged with designing and developing the PACCAR transmission drew on decades of experience. Peterbilt On-Highway Marketing Manager Wesley Slavin says the process ensured that the customer remained the focus and primary beneficiary of innovation engineered into the final product.

“We started with a blank slate, and a directive to deliver a purpose-built transmission that advances basic customer satisfaction performance metrics,” says Slavin. “Does it benefit the customer? How? Every design element, feature and nuance was measured by that standard.”

For example, to complement the weight savings engineered into MX Engines and the PACCAR 40K axle, the design team ensured that the 1,850 lb.-ft. torque capable automated transmission would be the lightest on the market, thereby further maximizing customer payload. Integrated communication features between the engine and transmission facilitate maximum efficiency, improving customer fuel economy. And smooth and intuitive shift strategies enhance the driver experience, helping further position a customer’s fleet as a premium destination in a competitive labor market. Drivers will also appreciate the ratio optimization for line-haul applications, resulting in responsive launch and low-speed maneuverability.

Peterbilt’s industry-leading residual value gets a further boost from the customer-friendly standard eight-bolt PTO mounting location. And the cruise RPM (1100) is the lowest among competitive automated transmissions, thereby further maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing operating costs.

Peace of mind

Several design features offer customers confidence in the performance of the new transmission — confidence that PACCAR clearly shares as it offers a standard 750,000-mile, 5-year warranty. Other benefits designed to give fleet owners and managers peace of mind include a differentiated fluid pressure detection system that protects the gears and shafts from low fluid conditions and allows PACCAR to offer industry-leading warranty coverage.

The 17-inch organic clutch provides clutch-replacement notification that allows fleet managers to better plan maintenance. The maintenance-free, self-adjusting clutch requires no grease, and internal sensors and wiring are positioned to ensure protection from exposure and corrosion for maximum reliability. And the oil-coalescing air filter provides an extra layer of contamination protection for the transmission.

Design engineers kept maintenance matters top of mind while developing the new PACCAR transmission. Lube-change intervals are measured at 750,000 miles, and only 16 pints of oil are required — half of that required by other automated transmissions on the market. Additionally, a replaceable input shaft wear sleeve allows for quick and affordable repairs compared to a full teardown likely necessary with other automated transmissions.

“The purpose-built PACCAR automated transmission represents not only a major advancement in powertrain performance, but the complete integration of a PACCAR-engineered, branded and supported powertrain,” says Medina. “Peterbilt customers, particularly those who enjoy the performance, efficiency and industry-leading resale value of the Model 579, will now be able to experience the benefits of a powertrain in which the key components — the engine, the transmission and the rear axle — have been individually engineered for maximum performance when operating together.

“In short, we fully expect the introduction of the fully integrated PACCAR powertrain to result in unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.”

PACCAR 12-Speed Automated Transmission Available in October

PACCAR is introducing the new PACCAR Automated Transmission, the lightest heavy-duty transmission for on-highway commercial vehicles. The PACCAR transmission is designed to complement the superior performance of  PACCAR MX engines and PACCAR axles. Peterbilt will begin offering the PACCAR Automated Transmission to North American customers in October 2017.

“The PACCAR Automated Transmission is engineered to work seamlessly with PACCAR MX engines and PACCAR axles and provide industry-leading performance,” says Landon Sproull, PACCAR vice president. “Together, PACCAR Powertrain components deliver superior fuel economy, uptime, and driver satisfaction —top priorities for our customers.”

The PACCAR Automated Transmission is designed for line-haul applications up to 110,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight. It is available for engine ratings up to 510 HP and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque and features tightly integrated electronic communications with the PACCAR MX engine.